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Pigmentation Process
Much like the manufacturing of a product in a factory, melanin (skin pigment) is produced in melanin-producing skin cells called melanocytes.
• These melanocytes or “melanin factories” are located just below a layer of surface skin cells called keratinocytes.
• In the initial phase (activation) of the pigmentation process, a hormone initiates melanin production within the melanocyte. Other factors such as stress, hormones, and UV damage can also initiate melanin production.
• In the production phase (synthesis), melanocytes produce melanin inside an even smaller factory called a melanosome. After a series of complex chemical reactions, the melanosomes are full of melanin and ready for delivery.
• In a final distribution phase (expression), melanosomes are transported to the keratinocytes and, finally, to the surface of the skin where the melanin is visible to the naked eye. ReadMore


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DAC is specialized in various cosmetic procedures like Botox treatment, Dermal fillers, Vampire facelift , Dermal thread lift, Chemical peeling, platelet rich plasma treatment, Radiance facial, Collagen Induction therapy, Oxy-facial therapy, Electroporation etc. It is equipped with most advanced laser machines like Long pulsed Nd YAG laser, Erbium YAG laser, Co2 Laser, Nanofractional Radio Frequency machine, Q-Switched Nd YAG laser machine etc. for treatments like permanent hair reduction, stretch marks, facial wrinkles, pimples scar, black mole, tattoo, Melasma, Warts, skin tag, Aging black spots etc.

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