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Here are the details of other Treatment Charges with effect from 1st January 2016

If you require anything to be discussed in detail, please feel free to call us or visit our centre.

Treatment Area Treatment Charge
Single black mole (small) 2,000/- INR
Additional black moles 1,000/- INR per mole
Aging black spots face 3,000/- INR to 8,000/- INR
Warts 3,000/- INR and above
Neurofibroma 5,000/- INR and above
Milia 2,000/- INR and above
Sebaceous cyst 2,000/- INR and above
Corns 3,000/- INR and above
Xanthelasma 8,000/- INR and above
Tattoo 3,000/- INR and above
Melasma 5,700/- INR
Skin tags 3,000/- INR and above
Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) 4,500/- INR
Dermal thread lift using mono thread 1,000/- INR per thread
Dermal thread lift using Cog thread 3,000/- INR per thread
Pimples scar treatment using nano RF machine 6,200/- INR
Stretch mark treatment with nano RF machine 3,000/- INR plus 12/- INR per pulse
AGAS massage face and neck 4,500/- INR
Energy C massage face and neck 4,500/- INR
Non Ablative facial rejuvenation using Fotona 6,500/- INR
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