How to get the body shape you dreamed about?
The answer is ‘CoolSculpting’
The fat reduction treatment, the only FDA cleared procedure adopted by celebrities’ world wide. Now anybody can go for it. Aspiring models, airhostess, those working in film world, brides, grooms or anybody for that matter who want to become more confident by getting rid of stubborn fat in localized areas which are not reduced with exercises.
CoolSculpting uses the cryolipolysis method ie. Freezing the fat cells to minus 11 degree to minus 13 degree which makes the cells non viable, which slowly fades away. Controlled cooling at the above parameters is applied to the targeted area to remove the sub-cutaneous fat without damaging the skin. This is a non surgical gentle treatment with no anaesthesia, and no downtime which is done as OP procedure.
Our expert can give a tailor made coolsculpting plan that will address your areas of concern depending on the body, goals and budget. You can sit back relax and say good bye to the stubborn fat while enjoying a movie, music or taking a nap. Contact us for more details.

What technology is used in CoolSculpting?
Is CooiSculpting safe?
Are there any side effects?
Is it the right procedure for me?
How long and how many sessions?
What happens to the treated fat cells?
Can I go back to work after treatment?
How long will it take to see the result?
What about diet and exercise after the procedure?
Do you recommend any tests before the procedure?