DAC Equipments

DAC is having different ranges of laser machines used for different treatment options. Co2 laser is used to removal of Black moles, Aging black spots, Xanthelasma, Molluscum contagiosum etc. Erbium YAG laser machine is used to remove DPN, Small moles, Pimple scar etc,
Q-switched Nd YAG machine is used to remove tattoo, patchy mole etc, Megasurd GHFR sugery unit is used to remove gray hairs, Oxyset machine is used for oxy-peel procedure, Long pulsed Nd YAG machine is to remove black hairs, wart, haemangioma etc, Zimmer cryo 6 cooling machine is used during different procedures to cool the skin surface, Venus Viva Firm FX machine is used to remove pimple scars, skin tightening, radiance facial procedure, melasma etc.

Fotona Spectra xp


Venus Legacy

AKIRA Premier Q-switched Nd YAG
with fractional head laser

FUTURA RF 40 Re excited CO2 laser

UNION UM-L25 CO2 laser

Venus Versa

Venus Viva Firm FX

AIRMAX-Smoke Evacuator

Laser madical Smoke Evacuator

Zimmer Cryo 6

Tixel Novoxel