The Vampire facelift corrects all the four elements essential to a beautiful face. The HA filler combined with platelet rich plasma corrects shape and improves texture. The platelet rich plasma (PRP) enhance colour due to the new blood vessels bringing more colour to the skin.
The PRP improves texture by increasing collagen production. Collagen acts like mattress of the skin. Growing new collagen would be like getting a new mattress for your bed. Also the PRP causes the multiplication and enlargement of fat cells that lie just beneath the surface of dermis. This soft pad of fat causes a smoothing and roundness that looks younger and healthier.
When people maintain a normal weight after the age of 30, the cheeks will often become flat due to the loss of fatty tissue and loss of muscle. In Vampire facelift the Physician uses an HA filler to sculpt a naturally beautiful shape, then uses PRP to polish the sculpture for improved color, texture and shape.

Location of HA injections

Lift the Cheeks back to a round and high shape
Lift the inferior tear trough back to appear less tired
Lift the eye brow (in women) to create a “gulls wing” shape and open the eyes
Lift the corners of the mouth up and out to reveal the mouth’s beauty
Lift the nasolabial fold and chin to a more youthful shape
Correct asymmetry and problems areas

The Vampire Breast Lift is a non-surgical form of breast augmentation that doesn’t involve any downtime.

Vampire Breast Lift procedure has three steps. First, the surgeon evaluates the shape of the breast to determine where it can be enhanced. Next, the surgeon prepares the PRP for injection. As with other procedures involving the injection of PRP, this is accomplished by isolating growth factors from the patient’s blood. Finally, the HA and PRP is injected into the patient’s breast.
Once injected, the growth factors present in PRP “work like magic to cause increased collagen and new blood flow.” This process activates stem cells to grow new blood vessels, collagen and fatty tissue. The result? “Younger-appearing skin and increased volume of fatty tissue!”
Vampire Breast Lift, the procedure can accomplish all kinds of things, from lifting up saggy breasts and “increasing” the shape and look of cleavage for up to two years, to fixing inverted nipples, erasing stretch marks and increasing breast and nipple sensitivity.