Uncover Your Natural Radiance

Reduce visible pores

Improve acne scarring

Diminish fine lines, deep folds & wrinkles

Even out textural irregularities & rosacea

Smooth and even out skin tone & texture

Tighten the lax skin around the neck, jowls & décolleté

Facial Resurfacing and Remodeling

Venus Viva is a revolutionary, FDA cleared solution for facial remodeling and resurfacing.

Venus Viva is safe for all skin types and operates with the revolutionary NanoFractional RF and SmartScan™ technology that allows heated zone density control and unique pattern generation.

Venus Viva is transforming the treatment experience through breakthrough technology for facial rejuvenation that deal with skin laxity, texture, lines and wrinkles.

How Does Venus Viva Work?

Venus Viva combines NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) and one-of-a-kind SmartScan technology to penetrate deeper, covering a greater area and treating multiple concerns in the same session.

Venus Viva is the only non-invasive RF system that allows your physician to customize the intensity of the treatment to your needs and your personal preferences. Fast on the uptake or taking it easy; the result is the same. A fresh, clear, vibrant, complexion; a naturally radiant you, only younger.

How Will I Feel, How Will I Look?

With its revolutionary design and patented technology, Venus Viva™ offers immediate, long-lasting results in as little as one 15-minute treatment. Or for a more comprehensive program, you might schedule 3 or 4 sessions.

With minimal downtime and minimal discomfort, with slight topical anesthesia, most patients are back to work, keeping their luncheon date or enjoying a snappy, shopping spree immediately following their procedure. A little redness may be experienced, lasting 2 – 5 days, but make-up may be applied the day after treatment.

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