PICO Toning

Pico toning is one of the most modern treatments in laser skincare sector.
Pico toning uses a picosecond method in which a laser 1000 times faster that the nanosecond method (Conventional method). Unlike the entire skin area focused on conventional laser treatments, Pico toning targets only the abnormal pigmented at gives results and that too in a few sessions.

Picocare is a US FDA approved machine for laser skin treatment. Picocare is one of the most advanced laser system with innovative technology for faster results.

Beyond NANO
Experience the real PICO

Innovative Technology

Picocare is ultrafast laser machine with groundbreaking innovation of pulse duration as less as one trillionth of a second (picosecond). Such short pulse duration ensures precision in treatment as well as faster results.

Why to choose Picocare treatment?

For All

Suitable for all skin types

Less Sitting

Less number of sittings required


Faster visible results


Clinically proven results

Less Downtime

Negligible to Minimal downtime

Precise targeting

Optimally targets only the pigment to be removed

How Picocare 450 works?

Watch how and where Picocare 450 works, how various colored tattoos are removed with before and after real images.

What all can be treated?


Acne scars, Chicken pox scars, Ice pick, Boxcar

Dermal Pigment

Acne marks, SolarLentigines, Birth marks

Tattoos removal

Full colour range (red, blue, green, yellow, black)

Skin rejuvenation

Wrinkles, Dull skin, Dry & Rough texture

Epidermal Pigment

Melasma, Freckles


Fungal infections