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Both cellulite and loose or sagging skin are common complaints for many women. Over time, the skin naturally becomes less elastic, which can lead to drooping and sagging. Traditionally, lifting surgeries were necessary to improve the appearance of lax skin.

Now, there is a new treatment designed to tighten the skin, address cellulite and reduce the volume on the face, neck and body!

Venus Legacy™

Venus Legacy is a highly advanced non-invasive medical device that effectively resolves challenging face and body aesthetic needs such as non-surgical circumferential reduction, cellulite reduction, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Treatments are comfortable with no downtime and safe for all skin types.

Venus Legacy produces a therapeutic heat matrix over the skin. It creates a thermal reaction under the tissue that stimulates the body’s natural healing response, increasing blood circulation and causing the skin to contract. This results in a reduction of cellulite, noticeable tightening of the skin, and even a decrease in localized fat deposits. The treated area will immediately look smoother and firmer.

Venus Legacy is powered by Mp2 technology, a combination of multi-polar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields and features cutting-edge Varipulse technology.

Venus Legacy features four applicators:

1. Octipolar
3. Diamond Polar
2. 4D body for larger areas
4. 4D Face for smaller areas
Venus-Legacy Kochi

Octipolar and Diamond polar applicators are most suited for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. 4D body and 4D face applicators are most effective for temporary circumferential reduction and cellulite reduction.

Clients report that Venus Legacy treatments are very relaxing and many say it feels similar to a hot stone massage. Treatments take somewhere between 30-40 minutes.  It is recommended that clients receive between six to ten treatments for best results. It is virtually painless and requires no downtime, so you can see skin tightening and cellulite reduction results quickly and get back to everyday life right away.

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