Picocare 450 Treatment & Applications

Picocare 450 Treatment & Applications

Picocare is a US FDA approved Picosecond Nd:YAG Laser that is used for treating a wide array of pigmentary disorders, scars treatment, full-color range tattoo removal, and nail fungal infection. Picocare is one of the most advanced laser systems with innovative technology for faster results. Picocare is manufactured by Wontech South Korea. Doctors Aesthetics Centre Kochi is the first installation in India.

It is an aesthetic laser machine that has obtained all the necessary certificates of all the prominent authorities world-wise like the Korea Food and Drug Administration, USA FDA, European CE and has been certified as stable and highly efficacious system by all the agencies.


  • The best solution for tattoo removal.
  • PICOCARE 450 has a more photomechanical effect with less thermal effect on the skin, bringing better results with almost no side effects in tattoo removal and pigmentation treatment.
  • PICOCARE 450 breaks all colors of tattoos and pigments into tiny particles by higher peak power of shorter pulse duration.
  • HEXA MLA handpiece, replacing subcision.
  • HEXA MLA(Micro Lens Array) handpiece is the fractional system handpiece with high energy density in each dot.
  • PICOCARE 450 with HEXA MLA handpiece can replace aggressive scar treatments such as subcision: scar tissues in the deep dermis can be destroyed without severe pain and the depressed scar is noticeably lifted as a good result.
Picocare 450 Treatment & Applications

Why to choose Picocare treatment?

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Clinically proven results
  • Less number of sittings required
  • Negligible to Minimal downtime
  • Optimally targets only the pigment to be removed
  • Faster visible results
  • Minimal damage to the surrounding healthy tissues

Conventional nanosecond laser causes the following

  1. Side effects such as hyper pigmentation may occur
  2. Discomfort due to pain
  3. Needs more treatment
  4. Difficult to remove tattoos completely

What all can be treated?

  1. For those who have concern about pigmentation lesions such as freckle, melasma and blemish
  2. For those who regret various color tattoos and semi-permanent make up
  3. For those who worry about acne scars, wide pores and fine wrinkles
  4. For those who worry about dark and dull skin tone

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Below are the medical indications

Epidermal Pigment
–Melasma, Freckles

Dermal Pigment
– Acne marks, SolarLentigines, Birth marks

Clean and complete Tattoo removal
–Full colour range (red, blue, green, yellow, black)

Skin rejuvenation
– Wrinkles, Dull skin, Dry & Rough texture

– Acne scars, Chicken pox scars, Ice pick, Boxcar

– Fungal infections