Pink Aestrogn Lifting Peel (Pink Peel) – The best Peeling in Kochi

Aestrogn Pink Peel best peel in Kochi

Introducing the best skin peel in Kochi; Aestrogn Lifting Peel. Aestrogn Lifting peel is also called the Pink Peel and it helps to reverse the aging process by improving skin elasticity and tightness with exfoliation benefit.

Aestrogn Pink Peel helps to stimulate the production of collagen which lifts the skin and removes fine lines and wrinkles. These signs of aging (Anti-Ageing Treatments) start appearing once the skin starts losing its elasticity. The kit is loaded with various proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants which are clinically proven in the prevention of aging brought to you by Theraderm skin care, South Korea.

Pink peel is used for Lifting and Skin tightening in the given conditions

1. Hyper Pigmented Skin
2. Dry & Sensitive Skin
3. Dull Skin
4. Aging Skin

It contains KUDZU-THERA organic acid, an ingredient derived from fermented Kudzu plant root extract that does exfoliating function on the skin. Immediate skin glow that improves in 3 days and lasts for one month.

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PINK AESTROGN LIFTING PEEL consists of four steps

Aestrogn Pink Peel best peel in Kochi

Step 1.
AESTROGN Lifting Peel

Apply on the face & neck after thoroughly cleansing the area. Leave it on for 3-4 mins. There might be slight tingling as it starts opening the skin barriers to help deliver the Kudzu & other active ingredients in subsequent steps. Continue to the next step without rinsing

Step 2.
AESTROGN Concentrated Lifting Serum:

AESTROGN Concentrated Lifting Serum: Apply generously on face & neck. Massage gently for total absorption. The tingling sensation from step 1 starts to go away gradually. leave it on for 3-4 minutes. Continue to the next step without rinsing.

Pink Peel Treatment in Kochi

Step 3.
AESTROGN Lifting Cream Mask:

Apply generously on face & neck. Use sonophoresis based machines for 5-10 minutes if available, for full absorption. Continue to the next step without rinsing

Step 4.
AESTROGN DD Smart Lifting Patch

• Apply enough Lifting Serum and Lifting Cream to wet face & neck.
• Open the foil package, unfold the mask and remove the blue film.
• Attach the white patch tightly on the face making the smooth side, where the blue film was, touch the skin.
• Detach the outer white sheet from the transparent DD smart Lifting patch on the skin and leave it on for 30 Mins.
• After 30 mins, wet the dried transparent DD patch with cotton soaked with water and peel it off from the skin smoothly and easily.
• Finish by applying Lifting Cream followed by sunscreen.

Through the whole process, the powerful Estrogenic isoflavones penetrate more and deeply, and they accumulate continuously throughout each step. Advised to take peel once a month for 3 months.

Pink Aestrogn Peel Procedure (Pink Peel)

Take a look at how Pink peeling is applied
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