Buttock Augmentation Using Body Filler

Renew your skin

The goals of aesthetic medical procedures have been to enhance patients’ comfort, confidence, and beauty. In more recent years, there has been an increase in interest in body contouring cosmetic treatments, largely as a result of increasing procedural transparency and better results from minimally invasive procedures.

Buttocks are made up of fat and thick muscle tissue that help support the body while sitting. The hips and thighs can also be moved by using the muscles in the buttocks. Your physical appearance is greatly influenced by your buttock shape. Your buttocks’ size and form can affect your weight, the kind of clothing you can wear, and the overall appearance of your body. Three elements influence buttock shape: heredity, body fat proportion, and muscular mass.

Over time, your butt will inevitably lose some of its fullness and form. Due to changes in weight, ageing, and gravity itself, your butt may begin to sag or appear less sculpted. However, some people start to feel self-conscious because they think their butt looks flat or less perky than it did. If you’re one of those people, you may want to consider an injectable butt lift.

Buttock augmentation is adding volume, curve, and shape to your buttocks using dermal fillers. Sculptra or dermal filler butt lifts are nonsurgical and can restore, contour and enhance the shape of your butt, making it appear round and curvy. Due to their comparatively low cost, low pain, short downtime, high tunability, less recovery time lesser risk of serious complications and persistent biostimulatory impact, fillers have become an effective therapeutic approach.

A numbing cream will be applied prior to the injections. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The doctor will mark your skin and inject the filler below the surface of the skin using a cannula based on the concern and requirement.

You can return to work and normal life as soon as you are done with your injections. For the next few days or so, you can have some tenderness or swelling near the treated area, which will gradually subside. There will be immediate changes and the final outcome will appear in about two to three weeks when the swelling and redness have gone down and the fillers have had time to fully integrate.

You can come in for a consultation and examination to learn more about fillers and the procedure, and you’ll be able to see how a quick and convenient outpatient appointment using hyaluronic acid fillers can help you.