Scar Removal

Nano fractional radio frequency to improve skin texture & scar.

When a wound heals, it may eventually turn into a scar. Facial scars come in numerous forms and may be caused by injuries, acne, burns, or surgery. Since your face is constantly exposed to the environment, scars on this part of your body may have a harder time healing. Whereas you may be able to cover up or protect other areas of your body while a wound heals, your face is open to the elements for most of the day.

It may not be possible to fully protect wounds on the face as they heal, and it may be difficult to keep treatments  from rubbing away. The good news is that if you’re looking to treat facial scars, you have a lot of options

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Venus Viva Treatments in Kochi

Venus Viva

At DAC we use Venus Viva machine which is approved by the US FDA for
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Facial Scar Treatments

Acne scars
Stretch mark
Poor skin texture
Mild to moderate wrinkles